[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] Time to choose : RT vs Bugzilla

Dan Tomalesky grim at xynesis.com
Sat Oct 20 12:29:37 PDT 2001

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 09:24:24AM +0200, Philippe Jadin wrote:
> > From my understand bugzilla is not more mature than RT.  I haven't even looked at bugzilla, but I have been managing RT since it started and I'm liking the way it works.
> Good to hear ;-)
> > Second, to address the thoughts of allowing people to submit bugs anonymously.  I don't feel this is a good idea.  I'd rather treat RT like CVS is and force people to seek out an account.  The biggest reason for this is that newbies and end users will probably not understand the way the queues are laid out and more often than not will throw stuff in the wrong place.
> Guest can't send bugs, or they can ? Because we could eventually setup a
> guest or anonymous account that can post, and see if it works or not.
> If not, well...
> delete * from requests where user="anonymous" ;-)

There is a guest account now that has read only privileges to the system.  Adding ticket creation is possible, but I don't know how secure it would be.  

malcolm?  what do you think?

I still think that we don't need to worry about this quite yet.

> > I have suggested that perhaps we eventually develop a zope object frontend to the RT cgis such that we can create custom bug reporting pages on the new site in the various appropriate sections.  this way people can submit bugs, but we decide where they end up in RT.
> As soon as someone with basic zope knowledge will understand the rt
> schema, we will be able to insert data in rt from zope, and of course to
> extract data also.
> I guess I could help there. What could help more, is to have someone
> giving some example sql to insert a request, and to retrieve for example
> the 5 latest requests in a particular queue. Then we could add it in
> zope without problem. 
> We also need someone to install the proper db connector in zope for
> postgresql.
> Is there a documented scheme of the tables?
> Who could install postgresql connector on zope?

Sounds like you wanna just reimplement RT in zope.  I figured this would be a lot more work than having zope just submit to another page, but if someone wants to go to town on this, feel free.  My knowledge of zope is an empty shell :-).


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