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Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
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Jason (Pato),

Sorry for the extremely tardy responce.

First off let me say, that your excellent Introduction to the New User (me
at the time), was very compelling.  To be honest it was the only thing on
the website I found compelling.

Much of the website, I found to be seriously out of date... Which made me
initially think the whole project was dead...

Through your guided tour, I made the decision to proceed.

Which as you know, has now gotten me into the predicament of being the guy
who "Wants" to be responsible for our ability to communicate more great
documents like yours.

I'm happy to hear and see, that more people are helping out, and that some
pictures are being put in.  Personally, I didn't need them to remain
hooked... But to the more casual reader they are nice.


Thanks for the great document.  Are you planning on moving it into Moria or
should I?  (Smile) I know I know... Always thinking like a project
management guy...


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On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Michael Miyabara-McCaskey wrote:

> Hello All,
> Though some of you have run into me on IRC and/or heard me ranting on a
> few of the email distros.  It occured to me that I have never actually
> introduced myself.

Welcome to our little stand in the Free Software bazaar Michael and
welcome to WorldForge most of all!!

> So here I am, I've been doing Systems Administration for about 10 years on
> everything from hardware level diagnosis and repair (I once figured out
> that I used to build/repair about 20 machines a day for 2 years ~10500
> machines or so), to operating systems (DOS, Windows, SunOS, Solaris,
> Linux, HPUX), to databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Access, MSSQL), to web
> application servers (Broadvision 1to1 and now a little Zope), to web
> servers (Apache, IIS, Netscape Iplanet)...
> So what does this really mean?  I'm the proverbal jack of all... But
> master of a few.

Are you my long lost brother?  You're scaring me bro...

> In looking over what I am more on the master side of, I am going to lend
> my efforts in making the website into something worldclass.  My own
> experience of joing Worldforge was faced with a number of challenges of
> gleaning the right info at the right time from the right people... And I
> think this curve is too steep for someone who is looking for a home...

I don't think anyone will dispute the fact that WF is difficult to
warp... errr I mean _wrap_ your brain around... >:P

> As such I'm going to do my best at make the Worldforge website inviting,
> easy to use, and an ongoing statement of where we are and what we are
> doing...
> My hope like many others here is, that this will be one more way that we
> can attract additional talent, that will make our goals that much easier
> to accomplish.

As you're a WFie (WorldForge Newbie ;) I would really be interested in
hearing your thoughts on the Newbie Guide that I've been working on.


Its at a point right now where I'm pretty happy with the content and
presentation.  I really need a set of newbie eyes to make it more
useful, fill in the gaps and perhaps even help me write a bit (if you're
so inclined).  Please note that this request goes out to all newbies.  Let
me know if you're interested.  This would be a very good starter task for
someone who 'doesn't know where to start' as it would help you familiarize
yourself with WF and it's many facets...

-Jason <Pato>

email: jason at oppel.net      homepage: http://www.oppel.net
The fates lead the willing, and drag the unwilling.  --Seneca

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