[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting Non-Traditional Method.

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Mon Oct 22 16:08:15 PDT 2001

Hello fellow Infrastructure magicians...

Our first order of business, is to find time to have our first meeting. To
that end, I have been informed the "normal" thing to do here, is to have a
meeting in IRC.

Though I do find IRC to be very useful, my concern at least for this first
meeting, is that we have alot of ground to cover, a varied group of people
(timezone and availability wise), and this coupled with my own real
dilemma of being 1 week away from a major move to a new house, is not
helping things.

So instead of a "traditional" meeting via IRC, I would like instead to
hold the first meeting via an email discussion thread instead.  Though
this is probably the most "non-traditional" Worldforge way of doing
things, I also believe this will be the best way to handle the good IRC
and email conversations that I have been having with people over the past
few days.

My concern is that some good energy is running right now, in getting a
number of long term issues handled, and I do not want us to "wait" to find a time
to all get together, when for the most part everyone knows each other
pretty well, I'm the only "newbie" (grin).

So my plan for this first meeting will be as follows:

I will send out a message with a subject line, of:

"Infra Meeting: October"

This email will contain a list of topics that I want to cover. We will
hold this meeting "open" until the end of the month, allowing for people
to contribute to the initial set of topics that I send...


I certainly do not expect the list that I send to be all inclusive, be
prepared to share any/all additional topics.  If we overload ourselves,
then I may table them till our next meeting, or simply create a running
topic list broken down into a set of meeting scehdules.

At the end of the month October 31st, I'll then create a meeting summary,
and send this out as the final message to the "Infra 
Meeting: October" email discussion.

If anyone has major objections to the method I have chosen let me know
right away, if not I plan on opening our first meeting later tonight via

As for future meetings, I am certainly not opposed to either going to the
"traditional" IRC based method, or continuing on email based
methods... More on this can be determined after we have the first

As a last note, if each of you could send days of week, and preferred
available times to me directly I'd be appreciative.

MyKarz aka Michael Miyabara-McCaskey
Email: mykarz at miyabara.com
Phone: 408-504-9014.

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