[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Tue Oct 23 02:02:13 PDT 2001

Hello everyone,

I try not to do speeches, but I think the following needs to be stated.

"Infrastructure exists to enable others to produce."

This not only needs to be our daily bread, but we need to believe it as
well.  The things that we build, others use.  The things that we know,
others depend on.  The things that we create, help us to enable others to
excel in their own areas. And the things we support, need not increase our
own job security, as we already have enough of that to choke on several
times over.

I am not attempting to pontificate, I am bringing this up, because in the
short time I have been with Worldforge, a number of disturbing incidents
have come to my attention.

Truely we are all professionals, working toward a common goal... Which is to
produce the foundations, that will enable the software developers,
musicians, artists, editors, etc... To have world class infrastructure at
their finger tips, so no one will ever be able to say... "Well if we only
had ........ then we would have been successful"

If we as the Infrastructure Team are doing our jobs well, then one day... We
will not be needed.  (On this note, I plan on living to be 999 and as such
will not be needed... <grin> ).  What I mean by this is, when we design,
when we implement, when we build, when we support... The highest amount of
automation should be used.  Most of us have day jobs, and we are not doing
Worldforge as a full time job, but even if we were... Would we want to
design a system that needed us to tweak things all the time?  Or would we
like to go play some games?  <smile> I know what I want to do.

Ok, enough said.

On to the primary topic.  Though I initially planned on covering a number of
topics, I came to the conclusion that all the items I want to discuss are
about the same topic.

Can everyone guess?

I thought you could... You are right, it's our website.

Primary Items are as follows:

#1 - Belegost (www server) is going away. We were originally notified in May
2001 and the decommision time is approaching, though not cast in stone. It
will very likely be by the end of the year which is only about 2 months
away. For this item, we need as much information as possible to indentify
any applications, databases, scripts, etc... That are still running on this
system, and then a new home needs to be found (probably on victor and/or
moria).  Myself I am aware of "wiki" the current website needing to be
moved, and something called "Phoenix", but please send any additional
information on this machine that you know.

#2 - Web content migration from "wiki" to "Zope".  As I understand it, this
migration in one form or another has been progressing for nearly a year.
This is a big time sore spot for a lot of people, mainly due to the amount
of time.  But more than that, this has caused this group to lose
credibility.  We are no longer thought of as a group that has the capability
to accomplish anything.  Now, just in case anyone forgot... I'm not here to
point fingers... I'm here to help make Worldforge great...  Any and all
ideas on how to quickly finish this migration and produce a product that is
at least as functional as the current "wiki" website needs to be discussed
immediately.  (As a sub-note, the "wiki" site allows WF people to create and
edit content without needing an admin to "fix Zope", so when I say it needs
to be at least as functional, I'm not talking about a site were the Infra
Team needs to provide 24/7 support, we need a stable reliable product).

#3 - Web Site Navigation.  Though some lump this into the "content
migration" I do not feel this is the same thing.  We have a specific number
of types of users that use our site.  And I do not believe the current
navigation system works for any of them.  I have heard the new website
called a "morass", a "rat's nest", and other colorful terms.  Mind you this
is, what is thought about the "new" site, I won't even go into the old one.
I have seen a number of off the cuff answers to this problem, let's discuss
them.  But I'd like to take them from the perspective of a profiled type of
user. Meaning:
    "New User - Has never been to WF before, and wants to know What we are
doing, How we are progressing, and Can we tell this person that they have
many ways to contribute so encourage them to return?".
    "Returning User - Trying to find out more detail on What's fun to do"
    "Joined WF - Looking for where to lend help"

#4 - Web Site Content Management.  Again, this I think has been lumped into
the "content migration".  But I feel this is it's own topic as well.  Much
of the content that exists is seriously out of date.  Poorly cross
referenced.  Has links that do not work.  Etc... Unfortunately, this
translates to the reader as "these guys don't have it together"... or "these
guys are dead" (content is so old).  What is needed in this area, is both a
way to quickly check the site for valid pages, but also this requires buy in
from each of the other groups to keep the content up to date.  What I would
like to discuss is what types of tools can help automate the first part
(valid pages), and then making the assumption that the developers have 1
thing in common... CVS, how can we make their system into a feeder (push or
pull) into our website such that people will always be able to quickly see
"Whats New" in each groups sections.

Well that's it for my items/topic... I'm sure I have missed several other
good topics and items, please send them and we'll add to this discussion
and/or schedule for the next meeting.

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey
Email: mykarz at miyabara.com
Web: http://www.miyabara.com/mykarz/
Mobile: +1 408 504 9014

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