[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Tue Oct 23 15:17:56 PDT 2001

Miguel Guzmán wrote:
> > #4 - Web Site Content Management.
>     My concern on this issue is about translations. I know that translations are
> not very important for most people in the project, but that is because most
> people are from US or know enough english to communicate. But this will remain
> the same if there is never translations... no translations, so no non-english
> speakers here, so no need for translations and so on...

I totally agree with you. We need to support translations in the very
>     For instance: Favian Svara, Ezequiel Pozzo and myself have made attempts at
> translating things but the lack of support for translations on the site has
> slowed these works down (atm there are no translations being done, AFAIK,
> correct me if I'm wrong). I don't want to throw the rock and hide the hand, so I
> am willing to take part in the building of an automated translation system for
> the site.

Well, there is a new technical design proposal for the website that I
will post soon. Basically, each page of the site is a "container", and
as such, we can put any "content" in it. So we can add new contents as

>     (A translation system suggestion was proposed some time ago: the user
> chooses the language of navigation, and the site tries to serve the pages in the
> proposed lang, if it exists, and in the original lang (usually english) if a
> translation is not available)

There are zope products that handle this "automagically". There is one
that stores the lang in a cookie, then relies on browser settings, then
on some default (and on what is available of course).

>    (Question for zope experts: I wonder if this has been prior done for zope,
> perhaps this has been already developed elsewhere and we could paste it...)

There are quite a few documents container that can do that. I'll dig
more soon ;-)


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