[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Chord chord at worldforge.org
Tue Oct 23 22:38:19 PDT 2001

>Site Structure
>So, as I proposed in an earlier email to infra@, we could move the areas 
>under developers/
>to the top level, and get these top level areas for the website:
>- Project
>- Games
>- Downloads
>- Content
>- Engineering
>- Resources
>- Infrastructure
>The structure of the areas themselves is relatively clear currently, and 
>is less critical anway
>than the top level structure.
>Here's the most common directory structures that could be used by 
>different products / projects on the site:
>Area -> Sub-area -> Project -> Project part -> Page
>Area -> Sub-area -> Project -> Page

As an FYI thing, the developer menu was set aside
from the newbie menu specifically because the more
broad 'topic' links that we had originally left newbies
confused as to where they should head first. We were
constantly told that the site needed to be more newbie
friendly.The ensuing discussion revealed that the average
newbie or passerby is looking for a specific set of information,
all of which is located in the top level of that site layout.
Putting developer links top level again will put us back
into the situation of having too many obscure topics for
a newbie to choose from when hitting the site for the
first time. The information they desire is not readily,
immediately and obviously available.

Secondly, the proposal for the subareas of the site is
essentially what is in place and planned for the current
layout. I'm not saying keep the current layout, that is
all up to whoever. However, such plans were previously
discussed and laid out in a general manner in the infra
section of the wiki site should anyone care to peruse
those and use them as a groundwork from which to build.

         - Chord

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