[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Wed Oct 24 01:45:06 PDT 2001

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Hans [iso-8859-1] H=E4ggstr=F6m wrote:
> >As an FYI thing, the developer menu was set aside
> >from the newbie menu specifically because the more
> >broad 'topic' links that we had originally left newbies
> >confused as to where they should head first. We were
> >constantly told that the site needed to be more newbie
> >friendly.The ensuing discussion revealed that the average
> >newbie or passerby is looking for a specific set of information,
> >all of which is located in the top level of that site layout.
> >Putting developer links top level again will put us back
> >into the situation of having too many obscure topics for
> >a newbie to choose from when hitting the site for the
> >first time. The information they desire is not readily,
> >immediately and obviously available.
> True.
> On the other hand, it will also give newbies a more complete idea of what=
> the site contains.
> And it will hopefully be a bit clearer as a result of slight renaming, so=
> that the area
> names should hopefully not be as obscure as before.

No, Chord's right.  We went through this in great depth and did a good
deal of research before coming up with the current layout, where the
'dev' area is a second level beneath the 'newbie' area.  I like this
approach and would view it as a big step backwards to have the dev links
visible at the top level.

> Also, I think ease and speed of navigation by mediocre to advanced users =
> more important at this point than very easy accessibility for first time=
> visitors.

I think it's a toss up which is better.  But you can train medium to
advanced users but not newbies.

> The idea, IIRC, was to create a www.worldforge.com site eventually with i=
> more
> directed towards players

Commercial users, actually.  The idea was to provide a centralized place
for listing individuals or groups who provide support, CD purchasing,
and other such "icky" commercial stuff.=20

> and keep the www.worldforge.org geared towards
> interested developers, people interested in the development progress, and=
 so on
> (and have www.worldforge.net directed towards listing available servers,=
> and probably
> also instructions for setting up new servers).

=2Enet will be the player portal, .org the developer site.

However we're not to the level of scale where we can support 3 or even 2
separate websites.

> We could go with a players.worldforge.org, servers.worldforge.org, etc=20
> approach too,
> if it feels clearer.  Anyhow, that is not yet needed.

> As for the 2D style menu used in the current developer section, with=20
> subcategories
> listed under every major category,  I think that is a good way to speed u=
> navigation.
> Only we should automatically include the visible subfolders of an area in=
> this menu,
> instead of adding them by hand.  That way it doesn't get out of date, or=
> have links that
> lead to some unexpected place, when it seems like it would lead to a=20
> subfolder of the area.
> A problem here is that some areas have a lot of subfolders, and the 2D me=
> could
> become somewhat tall.
> One solution would be to use a smaller font, another to only list the N=
> first entries
> and give the folders sort properties to sort them by importance, and yet=
> another
> solution would be to make it possible to expand a simple 1D area menu to=
> the 2D menu
> in some way.

It does need to be automatically generated; I think that was the intent
from the start.  And yes we need to prioritize the links by level of
activity or something and truncate them to a fixed number. =20


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