[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Wed Oct 24 12:35:35 PDT 2001

> No, Chord's right.  We went through this in great depth and did a good
> deal of research before coming up with the current layout, where the
> 'dev' area is a second level beneath the 'newbie' area.  I like this
> approach and would view it as a big step backwards to have the dev links
> visible at the top level.

I'm sorry, but as a newbie I can tell you it doesn't work (with me that
is;-) ). Well, now I have a good idea of how the site is layed out, and
it *is* well thought.

However it took me quite a while to understand that the top menu could
be changed by clicking on the "dev" link. I took me a while to see that
I was some level deeper in the site (in /dev) instead that in root.

On every (good) site, elements placed at the same place in the layout
represents the same level in the hierarchy.

Any web user nowadays will try to find a way to see a website as a tree,
and will have a mental representation of this tree while browsing. (or
maybe that's just me, but I don't think so :-)

The fact that the top menu "is varying" and represents two differents
level of hierarchy breaks those two "rule" : it is like a tree with two
roots (how can we represent this mentally? ), and at the same times
those two "roots" are not physically on the same level.

Another argument : why do we want to hide /dev ? Imho every people that
really wants to join Worldforge will be interested by /dev at the very
first visit.

> It does need to be automatically generated; I think that was the intent
> from the start.  And yes we need to prioritize the links by level of
> activity or something and truncate them to a fixed number.

Agreed with that. Imho, we could go a step further, and each main (or
important) category page (the page that comes up when you click on one
of the top link), would be a local "advanced" sitemap of the current
section with description, like :

*Project* | Games | Downloads | Content | Engineering | Resources |

Welcome to Worldforge, here you'll find infos about our project, it's
goals, and some others things. It's the right place for newbies (hint!


An introduction of the project

Newbie Guide

Your journey begins here...


The latest screenshots of our games


...including the chopping block, our worldwide well known monthly news

Lists & IRC

Get up to speed with the project communication tools, and get involved
in the project


If you have some...


The same would be done for other main categories, and everywhere it
would be needed (stage main page for example). All this would be (of
course) auto generated from descriptions files.

The biggest advantage, is the fact that we are not limited by space in
this case.

My newbie's $0.02


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