[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Thu Oct 25 17:43:51 PDT 2001

<snip good intro>
> #1 - Belegost (www server) is going away. We were originally notified in May

can't help there... anyone ?

> #2 - Web content migration from "wiki" to "Zope".  As I understand it, this
> migration in one form or another has been progressing for nearly a year.

I don't think it is in the way for a year. I'd say that the infra people
have done their best to have the same features (and a lot more) as the
old wiki. It seems thant only a few tried to actually move the content
(you did ;-), something which is imho very important. However, we can
still have a copy of the wiki database before the site will be down.

How is the content stored in this db? How is this db structured (page
hierarchy and so on) ?

> Any and all
> ideas on how to quickly finish this migration and produce a product that is
> at least as functional as the current "wiki" website needs to be discussed
> immediately.

So, I'll post my proposal along with this post, for something that is
flexible, and that can handle content *right now*.

> (As a sub-note, the "wiki" site allows WF people to create and
> edit content without needing an admin to "fix Zope", so when I say it needs
> to be at least as functional, I'm not talking about a site were the Infra
> Team needs to provide 24/7 support, we need a stable reliable product).

Zope itself is quite stable. Now it is autorestarted in case of reboot
of moria, we may complain less about it's stability. The problems of
stability are maybe from the fact that the current site is
developed using complex tools, that need a lot of debugging and "brain

> #3 
>     "New User - Has never been to WF before, and wants to know What we are
> doing, How we are progressing, and Can we tell this person that they have
> many ways to contribute so encourage them to return?".

I guess it's the role of the main page, and the /project section (the
main page would link to the /project section, including the newbie guide
of course).

>     "Returning User - Trying to find out more detail on What's fun to do"

Any other section, as long as you are interested in it? The site should
not behave differently if you are interested doing more or not for
worldforge (ie. developers vs players). imho we can assume that everyone
will want to do more.

>     "Joined WF - Looking for where to lend help"

I'd say RT. We really have to push RT by integrating latest "queues" in
the web
site on each page, based on the current context. We'll be able to try
that as soon as we'll have a link to RT's postgresql tables.

As RT will be used by developers, it would be a direct link between
volunteers wanting to help, and current developers.

> #4 - Web Site Content Management. 


> guys are dead" (content is so old).  What is needed in this area, is both a
> way to quickly check the site for valid pages, but also this requires buy in
> from each of the other groups to keep the content up to date.  What I would
> like to discuss is what types of tools can help automate the first part
> (valid pages),

We can think about something like this : 

each element would have some sort of unique ID, that would be
from the page location (so we can move pages over). Then, instead of
linking each page using their URL, we could link them by ID (using
something like <dtml-var "link(id)"> within the page's content. 

It would not be mandatory, but it could be nice to use this feature (ie.
"if you use the ID feature, you are sure your link won't be broken").
Each exisiting page would have it's ID clearly displayed.

Using zope cataloging, we can connect to various sources of data
(including RT), we can then catalog all this content, and have a unified
source of "links" (unique ID's across the system in fact). For example,
we could have id's like this : 

web-xxxx -> pages on the main site
news-xxxx -> news items, either in zope or in a db (Eidetic ID)
media-xxxx -> media in the repository
rt-xxxx -> queue number in RT (the same ID as in RT of course)

I thought to implement this only for the media repository, but if we
think it's a good idea to have something like that, it would help a lot
to keep links integrity. And we could use this "unified" link system
when refering to elements in discussions too.

> and then making the assumption that the developers have 1
> thing in common... CVS, how can we make their system into a feeder (push or
> pull) into our website such that people will always be able to quickly see
> "Whats New" in each groups sections.

I do not exactly see how we could use cvs to ease web site management.
CVS is a versionning tool isn't it?  (/me missed something probably)
> Well that's it for my items/topic... I'm sure I have missed several other
> good topics and items, please send them and we'll add to this discussion
> and/or schedule for the next meeting.

It's really good to have some discussions about #infra...

I hope it'll work !


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