[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Thu Oct 25 14:35:28 PDT 2001

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Philippe Jadin wrote:

> Any other section, as long as you are interested in it? The site should
> not behave differently if you are interested doing more or not for
> worldforge (ie. developers vs players). imho we can assume that everyone
> will want to do more.

I'm not sure that's a safe assumption we can make.  Would it be prudent to
make the new site more customizeable and a bit more portal like?  IE Have
people able to customize their nav bars to their own tastes or at least
select the level of abstraction that the nav bars provide?  Perhaps
default to a a very low level of abstraction (like the top nav bar
in /wf on moria).  Also making our site more portal like would allow us to
do things like display the status Request Tracker entries on a person's
portal. Sourceforge does something somewhat similar to what I'm thinking
about when you log on and it displays your 'Personal Page.'  Its something
that just popped in my head so maybe its not such a bright idea but I'd
like to hear what you guys think...

> > and then making the assumption that the developers have 1
> > thing in common... CVS, how can we make their system into a feeder (push or
> > pull) into our website such that people will always be able to quickly see
> > "Whats New" in each groups sections.
> I do not exactly see how we could use cvs to ease web site management.
> CVS is a versionning tool isn't it?  (/me missed something probably)

I think what's meant is that we can provide CVS statistics on the web and
actually _show_ people just how active this project is.  Its something
that would be automatic that we wouldn't have think about which is a
very good thing.  Things that we have to update constantly tend to fall
into disrepair as ppl get distracted by other things etc etc...

-Jason <Pato>

The fates lead the willing, and drag the unwilling.  --Seneca

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