[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Fri Oct 26 02:09:26 PDT 2001

> > #1 - Belegost (www server) is going away. We were
> originally notified in May
> can't help there... anyone ?

Ok, per Bryce, it seems there are both "wiki" and "phoenix" data files on
the server.  And he said it's no big deal to move the phoenix or wiki stuff
at any time.

> > #2 - Web content migration from "wiki" to "Zope".  As I
> understand it, this
> > migration in one form or another has been progressing for
> nearly a year.
> I don't think it is in the way for a year. I'd say that the
> infra people
> have done their best to have the same features (and a lot more) as the
> old wiki. It seems thant only a few tried to actually move the content
> (you did ;-), something which is imho very important. However, we can
> still have a copy of the wiki database before the site will be down.
> How is the content stored in this db? How is this db structured (page
> hierarchy and so on) ?

The wiki data has been moved into CVS, a few weeks back... (What this means
to the non-CVS aware people is, that we in theory have a plain text document
for each web page in the current wiki web site.) So, what I would like to
do, is run a few (dozen) shell scripts on the content, and make it into true
HTML, and then do a bulk upload... We need to get this migration done with.

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