[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Fri Oct 26 02:15:21 PDT 2001

> > > and then making the assumption that the developers have 1
> > > thing in common... CVS, how can we make their system into
> a feeder (push or
> > > pull) into our website such that people will always be
> able to quickly see
> > > "Whats New" in each groups sections.
> >
> > I do not exactly see how we could use cvs to ease web site
> management.
> > CVS is a versionning tool isn't it?  (/me missed something probably)
> >
> I think what's meant is that we can provide CVS statistics on
> the web and
> actually _show_ people just how active this project is.  Its something
> that would be automatic that we wouldn't have think about which is a
> very good thing.  Things that we have to update constantly
> tend to fall
> into disrepair as ppl get distracted by other things etc etc...

Actually I was thinking that we could have a file in the CVS tree that the
developer is working on, and that file will automatically get FTPed into
Zope on a periodic basis, then we inside Zope use this to replace the "Whats
Happening" of the WF section in question... So for instance the Mason guys
make a "HTML-Update" file in the CVS tree and we grab it, and FTP it into
Zope, and it automatically dumps into the "Mason - What Happening" web page.

But I also really like the CVS statistics... This would be a good automatic
way of showing progress...


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