[WF-Infra] Infra Meeting: October

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sat Oct 27 10:02:11 PDT 2001

> Do you mean FTP a Zope content file stored in CVS, into Zope?  While parsing a
> CVS commits mailbox is fine for statistical reporting, I wouldn't want to base
> any critical action on it.

Well, to clarify, I see two uses for a link between zope and cvs :

1. display some stats on the web site about module sizes, stats on the
most active project, etc...

2. let the developers use their tool (cvs) to update some parts of the
website without using the zope interface. For example, some docs could
be put in cvs instead of zope, and then those docs could be edited by
the developers, and they would be uploaded to zope at regular intervals. 

The main problem with this : we need to lock in someway content editing
for those files in zope, else we'll have conflicts. It may be too
complex and error prone, so we have discuss the pro and cons. 

Do the developer really want to use cvs to edit the website ?

> You can set up hooks in CVS that will fire off scripts when committed files
> match a string pattern.  If the in-CVS Zope content is in a specific module (or
> area of the forge module), you could pass each commit there to a custom
> forwarding script.  The script might have special routing logic which could be
> tweaked as the site structure changes.
> At least that's how I understand CVS commit hooks.  (c:

Well, I'm totally unexperienced with cvs, so I can't say if it's
possible nor usefull to implement a bridge ;-)


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