[WF-Infra] What is wrong with CompoundDoc?

kosh at aesaeion.com kosh at aesaeion.com
Sun Oct 28 01:18:28 PST 2001

So far the major problem I know of is that there is the object desync
problem which I am working on the last piece of so of the solution now so
that should be solve in about 2 to 3 days right now.

However beyond that what problems are people seeing with it? If the WF-Doc
interface is not to people's likeing that can easily be changed since it
is just some dtml code that runs that interface. Actually bryce and
novalis made some suggestions already that have changed it from how it
originally looked.

The cataloging problems that where experienced when I debugged them seemed
to have nothing to do with compounddocs. They seemed to be due to have all
the dots in the object names which causes problems if you have to use
those objects from python in certain cases especialy in searching the

It is pretty simple to add new object types to it also. Most people would
probably be able to learn enough python in 1 to 2 days and enough of zope
devel after that in a few hours to be able to get a new working item
added. I have offered to help a few different people build these kinds of
things but so far noone has wanted to.

It is faster then DTML items in most cases and it does take care of the
catalog problems, it makes it easy to add files and images to the site
without people having to use a special upload tool, go to another document
etc. It makes it easy to reindex the entire site since there is a single
content type. It makes it so you can make the document anywhere and the
internal links won't break. External links don't break unless you move the
linked to document in a way such that the path you gave can't find that
object in the database anymore. However that problem will really exist in
any system.

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