[WF-Infra] System wide unique ID's proposal

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Oct 28 11:38:26 PST 2001

> None of the stuff I wrote will care in the slightest about that change
> since you can grab objects and generate the urls from that so that
> changing the server etc won't matter for example. <a href="<dtml-var
> wf.index_html.absolute_url()">"><dtml-var
> "wf.index_html.title_or_id()"></a> is a link that will not break no matter
> how you change things around from the outside.

I agree that for webpages that don't move a lot, it's not a problem to
link them by their path. However, for media, images, and so on, we
should have a unique ID system. Since the repository has been
introduced, lot of changes have been made to the hierarchy of folders.
Some links were broken after a few days.

In short, without a unique ID, if you move the content (which is not a
good thing, I know;-), you can't access it anymore with the existing

Anyway, this is an addition to the system, so if someone don't find it
usefull, he's not obliged to use it.

Imho sometimes it's better to link using a tree hierarchy, sometimes
it's better to link using somekind of ID system.

Moreover, the idea is not only for webpages, but for anykind of
ressources we have on worldforge (including RT tickets, people, irc
logs, item databases...)

Food for thoughts I guess...


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