[WF-Infra] Website coding - Please use versions!

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Oct 28 13:04:22 PST 2001

David C Young wrote:
> Sometime today, someone changed list_descriptions on the new site and introduced an error. That caused every page using the standard navigation bar to come up with a strange-looking text error message instead of the normal web page that we're trying to show. Zope has a versioning feature that lets you lock Zope objects for editing and view/check them inside the version before your changes are applied to the production site. Please use this in the feature!

I'm really sorry,  I made that stupid mistake, I wanted to edit a file
with the same name somewhere else.

To pay for my dumb error, I'll try to explain to anyone interested how
to undo this kind of problem :

First, when an error occurs, there is "trace back" generated by zope.
You can look at it by looking at the sources of the html page.

You'll most of the time find at the end of this traceback, somethign

error in list_description blablabla

Now you know the error is there, you can go to the object and it's undo
tab. There you'll find the latest edits made by someone (you'll see the
name of the bad guy too). You can undo the changes, or comment them.

I'm sorry this single change broke the whole site. Now I putted it back
to the previous state. (however some cool feature may be added later-
I'll use a version this time ;-) )


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