[WF-Infra] WF Mail Account

Krystian Bates blackstaff at i-star.com
Sun Oct 28 23:04:46 PST 2001

This can be ignored... It seems the only mail I am able to send via sendmail 
is to a few lists, but I have an account on victor, thanks to Gabe, that I am 
able to use to send mail to people whose mail servers are picky about message 
origins or whatever. But if anyone can tell me how to fix sendmail (exim) or 
make KMail use authenticated SMTP, I'd appreciate it ;)

On Monday 22 October 2001 08:56 pm, you muttered something about [WF-Infra] 
WF Mail Account:
> Any possibility of WF mail account for me? I seem to be locked
> out of my
> ISP's SMTP server, or they broke it. In any case, I have no
> outgoing mail
> other then this webmail server... which really stinks. If not,
> no big deal.


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