[WF-Infra] Connecting zope to postgresql

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Mon Oct 29 09:04:30 PST 2001

Jay Cline wrote:
> I'd offer, but the last time I tried to connect Zope to a database
> structure, Zope ran away, and crashed the server.  Tried it 3 or 4 times.
> Of course, that was MySQL...
> Jay

It seems we'll be using postgresql, so maybe it will work ;-)

If you could look at popy (postgresql for python) and popyda (zope
database adaptor I guess), it would be nice...

Oh, and of course if you are more comfortable with another db adaptor,
it's just as good. I looked a bit more at popy as it seems to be not too
hard to install...

Anyway, thanks in advance if you manage to have it running :-)


P.S. MyKarz (our new infra coordinator) is also looking at it, maybe you
could try together?

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