[WF-Infra] New Version of CompoundDoc is up on moria

kosh at aesaeion.com kosh at aesaeion.com
Tue Oct 30 19:42:43 PST 2001

I finally finished the major reworkings of CompoundDoc which just seemed
to get even more major and things progressed. It is now on moria. For
about the next two weeks I will mainly be doing cleanups on the code in
various places, speed increases, bug hunting, and a few minor feature

Mostly I would like to have this version hammered pretty hard so bugs get
shaken out pretty quickly. This one should not have any of those desync
issues that the old one had. I have had it running some tests on a few
thousands CompoundDocs and so far everything is working. This version also
takes up less space on the server due to some older features being removed
that are no longer used and some better designs in many places.

Some New features include
 - Undo works
 - Profiles stored as pickled objects on the filesystem and can store
   a lot more information
 - The layout system was replaced with an object called DisplayManager
   this object takes requests from a client and dispatches that request
   to any drawing device registered to handle that kind of client. In the
   immediate term that gives us the ability to do browser detection. It
   also has multi language support though that has not been tested yet.
   The browser and language database are also skeletal right now but those
   will be fleshed out fairly soon here.
 - Objects that have old layouts structures etc are the recipients of a
   versioned upgrader that has been added. All old objects are upgraded to
   new ones with no data loss in any test case so far. So all custom
   layouts edit screens etc are preserved.
 - The entiry security system has been completely revamped. Every function
   with almost no exceptions has a security declaration applied to it this
   make it quick to find tune security as needed and make it more fine
   grained as needed.
 - The edit screen is simpler since you can no longer select a layout to
   use since that really doesn't make sense anymore. I will put up docs
   on how to use displaymanager but for people that are just using the
   object to enter data you will not need to use that feature.
 - Lots of special case code removed that supports the old profiles and

Features removed
 - The setup screen in the control panel is gone as is the preferences
   panel. All the functions they had have been obsoleted. The stored
   preferences data in the objects get wiped when they get upgraded.
   Don't worry this won't lose any use data this is just internal data
   it stores that is not needed any more.

Known Features that are not working right now
 - The noremove list is currently not operational right now. In practice
   this just means that the drop down box for deletion will currently
   allow you to delete items that it really shouldn't. I am currently
   working on a way to put this feature back in for the edit screen.
   For now the idea would just be not to delete items from CompoundDocs
   unless you know what you are doing. ie don't delete the text area with
   your text in it.

Known bugs
 - Right now the major bug I know of that I will be working on getting
   fixed is that changing a profile can be dangerous. If you switch to a
   profile that doesn't have provisions for data that you have then it
   deletes that data. I will be adding a way for it is preserve that data
   without damaging what you are switching to or at the very least warn
   before it switches. So far this has not caused any problems but it is
   possible that it could.
 - When writing an object config to the disk if there is a Date file it
   writes to the disk as a DateTime object which makes it very hard to
   open the pickles from standard python. This should not take long to
 - Watchdog currently seems to be broken. Nothing in worldforge uses this
   right now. I am currently investigating where this is broken at.

Well that about wraps it up for now. Off to do some code cleanups and work
on some of these bugs a litte later.

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