[WF-Infra] [WF-General] New #lounge bookmark: Some musings about a frameworkfor AI. (fwd)

HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Wed Oct 31 10:22:34 PST 2001

At 18:53 2001-10-30, you wrote:
>Man, you guys must have some crappy mail readers :-)  Sure, I don't 
>care,  anyone else have any new and ingenius ways to make bookmarks 
>spiffier?  I'll do it later today if no one screams for it to stay the same.

How about merging together some more of the broilerplate text, so that the 
relevant data is
easier to see?

Also, would it be possible to detect the nick of the person who made the 

Like this:


To: general at worldforge.org
Subject: [WF-General] BM: Some musings about a framework for AI. (#lounge)

Bookmark in #lounge by zzorn: Some musings about a framework for AI.


This is a bookmark program that greps irc logs by Brenda for
"bookmark:" strings (upper or lower case) and posts links to the right log
file here.

Note that the actual discussion often starts before the bookmark.


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