[WF-Infra] Seperate Code Review List?

John R. Sheets jsheets at mccaawebster.com
Wed Oct 31 08:44:27 PST 2001

Tim Ansell wrote:

> Currently Code Review occurs on the WF-Server list. I would think it
> would be better to give Code Reviewing it's own list, many people on the
> Server list aren't interested in the Code review stuff but like to keep
> up to date on other server discussions such as Architecture and stuff.

This can be mostly fixed by establishing (and following!) an email subject
convention for all code reviews.  Simply prefix all review content with
"CODE REVIEW" followed by the name of the class or review target.  Then,
anyone who isn't interested in reviews can set up a filter in their mail
reader to route those mails to a different folder (or the Trash).

Of course, code reviews generate a lot of volume, so they'll still have to
download extra mail that they don't care about; but if that's a problem,
they can just use the newsgroups, right?  I think there's no solution to
this problem that won't have drawbacks.  This is a minor drawback, compared
to the drawbacks of the other systems (list-hopping discussions,
discouraging ease of participation, etc.).

So, I vote to keep the current system, with a few minor policy tweaks.


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