[WF-Infra] project blog slow

Erik Ogenvik erik at ogenvik.org
Sun Sep 29 02:24:34 PDT 2013

Hi, as some of you might have noticed the project's blog, which serve as
our main news channel, has been slow for the last couple of months.
Requests take upwards of 20 seconds.

Apart from turning visitors away, this also seems to cause the syndication
(like here <http://planet.freegamedev.net/>) to fail (I'm guessing the
syndication spider just quits after a short wait).

Both the blog and the forum are managed by Alistair. I've tried to get in
contact with him about this issue, but haven't gotten any response so far.
I know he's extremely busy though.

I'll report back when I've gotten more information from Al. Just wanted to
keep all of you updated in the meantime.

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